Southern California...The Land of Earthquakes, Wildfires, and Rattlesnakes!

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This is spooky!  They may or may not rattle before striking.

I hate spiders!

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I just removed a rattlesnake den from this culvert.  Checking to be sure I got them all.
Last we heard...the bug & mouse guys were not willing to go under your house, deck, porches, or into heavy brush to hunt for, track down, and capture rattlesnakes that could bite your children and pets. 
Why Bo and Not the Other Guys, No Fear?  
"The day I'm not afraid is the day I quit...cocky boys get bit or dead sooner or later, and the proof is in the pudding."  I respect nature and have steady hands that only come 53 years experience of catching deadly Rattlesnakes.
Bo goes where nobody else will go  to
catch and relocate rattlesnakes.  
Bo will actually go under houses, decks, porches, through brush and rough terrain to catch the rattlesnakes that could
bite your children and pets.
Searching for the rattlesnake seen by the homeowner... found him plus his 3 buddies!
Bo goes where no man wants to go!
You wouldn't believe what's under here!  There's a swingset, a weight set, and car tires.  It's going to be hard to maneuver.  This sucks!
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Even with my camouflage pants on, the rattlesnakes know I am here.
Bo preparing to go under the deck and Bo searching under the deck...lots of clutter. Rattlesnakes love to hide and nest in your clutter.